Friday, April 19, 2013

reviews for kindle fire OS based device

"the kindle fire" is an android based OS device and which  major enhancements included the capable  website browse  and including very  fantastic apps which application id designed by android developer .  "the kindle fire" device support WI-Fi access with  including HotSpots software .

"the kindle fire" is so useful for reading the e book , newsletter and many more texts and email check out . "the kindle fire" is classified   in the tablet PC world.    

  •     An ISP based 7 inches screen touch monitor and display  cover 1024x6000 resolution
  •     Internal memory storage is 8000 MB
  •    The  WI-Fi connectivity cover  30 to 70 feet range
  •    This device makes unlimited cloud storage
  •    Only 413 grams weight
  •    A battery charger system provides  up to 8 hours power supply 
  •   A headphone back port audio system
Kindle Design

"the kindle fire" device so light weight  black color thin book pad format  device. This device estimated a branch  of  button  on tools level  the upper side of this device . This  small reasonably sized  kindle anyone can put up  that device on pocket easily or be held one-handed.

Kindle fire is a product on Amazon. Is has a wonderful looking and a small price product. The reviews for kindle fire is necessary to know and compare the comparable products such as Samsung galaxy tab, Apple i Pad, Google’s  nexus tab or Microsoft’s  surface tab.

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