Thursday, January 9, 2014

Android World: Top Free Android Apps

Top Free Android Apps
Android is referred as an operating system which is usually designed for touch screen devices like Smartphone or tablets. These devices have become smarter and stylist alternative of big head PC’s. Now-a-days the people of all ages are using the smart phones or tablets which are run by the Android Operating system. 

The Android market or Google Play Store is the place in where people meet with over 50 billion apps ready to download according to his choice. There are two versions of app i.e. premium (paid) and free. To install the paid version where the user has to pay and in free only data transfer charges is applicable. Most of the user likes the free version of the android apps as a result the top free android apps on the Google play store was always monitored by the users.

A list of Top Free Android Apps with highest user reviews is given below:

The updated android devices have the ability to run multiple apps at a time. Which is the result of slowing down the device? The tasKiller app which is able to close the unnecessary background apps, which usually slow down the device. It increases the android phone performing speed. In order to make fast the android device just needs to install this app. The tasKiller has become a part and parcel for the android device & having the highest ratings in android market. It is all free in android market, that’s the way it is on the top of the free android apps list. There is an alternative of tasKiller app, known as Advance Task Manager which will cost a little penny. If you want to download it please Click here.

Google Maps Navigation:
The Google Maps Navigation apps are another top free android apps which are used to navigate places. It is the most useful app if you are in a new place in order to go, find or search the place that you want. It can be used to search even the nearest restaurants or rail stations or bus stations. The updated version of this app can book a reservation in the restaurants & can take you to that restaurant by advance turn by turn voice navigation. The app is so simple to use and has the make the android devices very different from the other devices, at present found in the market. It also can calculate the time need to arrive to the destination. All Android users can download and install it at free of cost. If you want to download it please Click here.

When you want to add an effect or edit or balance the color, sharpness, countess of the photo, the PhotoFunia app is the right choice from the wonderful list of top free android apps. All you have to capture or select a photo from the phone and the rest will do the PhotoFunia app. It will need the internet connection to customize the photo.It makes your selected photo more realistic and stylized. The app available on the android market at free of cost. That's why it takes the position in the list of top free android apps list. If you want to download it please Click here.

When we think about social networking, Facebook is the most common & most popular medium now-a-days. It is difficult to use Facebook anytime because the users don’t have the time to sit in front of his PC. To solve this problem Facebook has developed this application, the updated version of this app is able to connect people with or communicate with the others in nearly to the actual time. It is all free in the Android Market. It is most probably seen in every Android device and has made a proud position in top free android apps list. The app is so simple, fast and very stable to use. If you want to download it please Click here.

Dolphin Browser HD:
Dolphin Browser HD is the app which loads the high definition web pages in the android devices. It is a very powerful mobile browser and the app gives you the facility of customize themes and add the Add-Block plus add-on, just like PC browser. It has the ability to bock the pop-up windows and also supports the flash videos i.e. YouTube and many more. The bookmarking of the URL is a pleaser on this app and also possible to sync the saved bookmarks to the PC. The app is available in the android market at free of cost. That’s why this utility app is on the top free android apps list. If you want to download it please Click here.

Angry Birds:
Angry birds are the most surprisingly best-selling IOS games made over two million paid version downloads in the first week and now finally it has become on the Android Market. It has the highest ratings of the gamers and the developers (Rovio) of this game working hard to make this more attractive by providing more funny levels and realistic graphics. The app is found on the Android Market on both free and paid versions. The free version comes with locked levels and contains ads besides the paid version has no ads rather it will come with the unlocked levels. Playing the game was a great fun. Because of its popularity it on list of top free android apps. If you want to download it please Click here.

Temple Run 2:
The Temple Run 2 is the sequel of Temple Run series, the playing of this game is a fun. During play this game you have to run across the endless forest, mines, zip lines and navigate perilous cliffs. The game is available on the Android Market on both premium and free options. It has downloaded over 170 million times all over the world. The free version of this game contains advertisements. The gamer has also the facility of posting his achievements to the social networking sits i.e. Facebook or Twitter. If you want to download it please Click here.