App security

Apps developer  is providing some new apps to ensure  security of those android based operating System Smartphone.

Android app security for Lookout 

The android  Lookout app contains  large numbers of  of security features and factions such as antivirus scan ,  firewall recovering , maintain  prevention for any data storage lose. Lookout out apps  gives  you signal or information when   the user’s android based smart   phone has been lost or stolen. After installing the lookout android app security user track down from of web  interfaces  to user Smartphone. User do a simple press  to  locate button and will be show  show to the user  phone is on the map. 

The android app security for  Web Secure

Android app developer designed web secure apps which apps is working  similar  as lookout apps.   Web android app security keeps   locked down user android based  phone from the web interface when user have  lost their phone. This app  gives a massage  and also give to the user alert with alarm . This android app security provides some specific features  when you want customize  an auto-backup or turn  backup remotely from the web. 

The apps work as Protector

Protector apps  are another great android based  app but it's has several  distinguish  between  previous two security apps. Protector apps  keeps maintain user  password protect when user uses any  app randomly . It's a heavy  security  application program that all users will be  beneficial using this app . When android user work in Smartphone such as  SMS read our , Gmail Inbox sends  , e-mail  Settings, Photo editing , customized the Calendar, Notepad  security and Chat user can protect the password by the blessing of android apps protection.