Apple TV Apps

Apple device has a great gadget of Apple TV . App developers are programmed  many  apple TV apps.
Those apple TV apps would be  so much effective and useful  when user watch tv  on Apple devices .

Remote apps

This app has the useful function like remote controller  therefor  any user can  easily  controlling  apple tv channel  just touch on the screen .

Squrl  Apps

The skull is another  apple TV apps which  has an easy function when you watch  any streaming videos on apple tv . User can Tv channel  or streaming  videos share on Facebook , twitter used by this app .

 I -Movie Apps

This  is another great apple TV apps foe movie lover . When you can find out some movie channel which your favorite  movie then you can easily streaming video on Apple TV at any time .

Episode Apps

Episode apple TV apps performs  in the drama series episode or reliability show  episode collecting or bookmarking. This apps useful for  a drama series user or American idol  fan's . Many people love there specific TV program episode that for a reason this episode apps  keep collecting specific episode  then users are finding out any episode in accurate  time.

HBO and ESPN App

Apple TV apps  give facilities to user who are especially ESPN and HBO channel lover . This apps always notice to the user  for during of  specific  sports, or movies . Apple TV apps lover can easily move to  HBO and ESPN channel used by that app .